Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Relationship Handbook 1

Hmm, after seeing this title, I wonder what must be in your mind... the 'dos' and 'don'ts' of relationships... how to start a relationship... how to maintain a relationship... perhaps for some, the title is a simple turn-off! Hold it pls, and hear me out.
Really, for me, 'relationships' are intriguing. This is because no 'two people' are similar. Yep, so what works for a particular friendship, might not necessarily work for another. I remember someone asking for my advice when she just started a relationship with a guy. Well, I spoke to her based on my experience, but the truth is... my experience didn't work for her.
So then, what is the handbook for a relationship?
In my opinion, I don't think there's any.
Well, if each person follows God closely, allows Him to take charge of their lives, learns to make room for the other person's weaknesses (pls, we all have some weak points), stop placing people on pedestals, learns to live at peace... I can draw a lot of points... But the most important thing is learning to apply them.
Really, this is where most of us are usually swamped. Applying those things we know. I've been hurt by friends and obviously, the first thing I do, is to 'x' them from my friend's list. Okay, this is the way I would naturally act, you hurt me, I run, so you don't have the opportunity to do it again. But well, my 'running' doesn't mean I don't have hard feelings, well yeah, I do! But I try avoiding you so that I don't have to mistakenly bring it up, and get hurt again by your response.
Hmm, a yoruba adage says that it's the person that sleeps close to you on the bed that can roll over you. In essence, it's your close friend that hurts u the most.
well, i had to stop running at on point in my life... I'll share that in my part 2.
Well, I decided to make this a short one... I can go on and on, but let's rest here for today. Hope you enjoyed it sha...


  1. Well, first and foremost, i like the colors, really cool.
    A blog should be an avenue of expressing yourself.
    Wonderful piece, sitting down and thinking bout what u wrote, very true. There's no broad template for everyone, we can only follow God and trust Him to teach and lead us.
    Well, since its globally read, try not to use plenty Naija slangs. Proof read your blogs also b4 posting, it helps.
    The success of any blog is having something to say and doing so often. So put in efforts to make the page new from time to time.
    Generally, well above average!

  2. ife, this is really true. i like the article and will be looking forward to more articles from your wealth of experience especially considering ur status.

    just try to rediuce the repitition of some words like, don't get me wrong,really etc.

  3. okay dear, point taken. will look into it.