Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Strong Will

Being a mum can be a bit challenging. It's a big responsibility, you try to do things right, because it seems like your weak points can be advertised to the world. And really, there are times, I need a break... Time off from the everyday chores, time off from my wonderful baby, don't get me wrong... I need ME TIME at times. So on this particular day, my brother-in-law took me to see a movie(without my princess). And well, my husband was left to babysit. This movie (avatar) was quite long and interesting! So, my peaceful baby at home, got cranky. My husband and his brothers tried all they could, but my little princess just kept crying (I want my mum!). They rushed out to buy formula(which by the way, she had never had), she rejected it. They took her for a walk (well, which she naturally loves), she kept weeping! After 30 minutes of continuous wailing, they decided to come and get me from the cinema.
When I got home, I immediately fed her, hmmm, and she calmed down.
Now, she was just about 4 months old, but she knew what she wanted and she wasn't satisfied with a substitute. And she stayed resolute till she got it!
Similarly, in life, we all should not do what we would naturally not do because we want to please others. Yeah, there are times we want to be nice, and we end up compromising, but experience has taught me that you'll still end up as the 'bad guy' anyway.
Don't get me wrong... I'm not saying we should be nasty, or we shouldn't make sacrifices, but we should not make sacrifices that would compromise our stand. Don't do things just because you want to look like the 'nice girl'. I once had this problem, I loved pleasing people, but in the long run, I get stressed trying to meet everyones expectations. There are times that I still indulge in this act, God help me, and it pays off at times, and other times, it doesn't. The idea is that I end up presenting a wrong picture of myself. But I learnt a vital lesson, 25% of people you meet would like you unconditionally, 25% would like you, but can change their minds, 25% would dislike you unconditionally and the last 25% would dislike you, but can change their minds (Joel Osteen). Okay, so why waste precious energy trying to change a person that might dislike me unconditionally?
So my position right now, I help people when I can, at times, I still go out of my way to do things for others, but what I would not do, I would not do! Have a great week people!


  1. Awesome..
    Great write up dearie...
    Very important lesson too..
    Ok.. Keep going.. the momentum is building!

  2. lol,this is so true.Only the actions inpired by God can be sustained.