Saturday, June 26, 2010

That voice...

I've had a lot on my mind lately. Had to turn in some assignments and I've just been busy generally.
Learning to build and nuture the 'relationships' you have is very important in life. When it comes to the 'boy-girl' relationship, everyone has their own philosophy. Some believe that there are particular questions to ask, to know if the person, in question, is 'right' for them. Others believe that God has to 'thunder' from heaven before they can choose their partners. Others just simply feel that if they like someone, it's enough reason, to start a committed relationship.
For me, I feel that each situation has its place.
I know, of a truth, that if you already like someone, you'll hear God raining the person's name into your ears! If the feelings are already there, then, how do you really choose between your feelings and God's words (we all know feelings also speaks at times).
You developing feelings for someone is not wrong in any way, God moulded and formed us that way. But the art of differentiating what you 'feel' and what God wants is usually learnt. For instance, my 8 month old baby can not differentiate between the sound of her rattler and the sound of a dangerous rattle snake. If she probably sees a snake now, she'd be fascinated (as usual) and might want to touch it or play with it. But as she grows older, she'd most definitely know the difference and know danger when she sees it.
similarly, we 'learn' God's feelings and thoughts towards us by reading His word.
When we get familiar with His word, we'd know His voice, cus His word and His voice don't contradict themselves. This applies to every area of our lives. There will be times we would hear that voice loud and clear, there'd be times that we might need to separate ourselves so we can hear Him whisper into our ears and there are also times that we just KNOW that this is what He is saying.
This stage can only be attained by consistent closeness to God. Most people want the 'closeness', but are not ready to sacrifice to get it. Really, we live in a 'fast' world and similarly, we are not patient enough to let God teach us the ropes, we want to jump and be at the top immediately!
But God patiently brings us back to the point where we realize that learning the ropes and using the ropes to get to the top brings out the best in us.


  1. Went over this again today.. the uniqueness of every relationship, the discernment and growth that comes as a result of time together and a commitment to stick it through.. knowing fully well that the race is not for the swift, nor the battle for the strong... brings victory attributable to none other than God.

  2. You are divinely inspired!!! Pls don't stop.hearts are being blessed

  3. @Ty, true! thanks dear!
    @Anonymous, wow, thanks for the encouragement! Thanks dear