Wednesday, July 14, 2010


a lot of things have happened lately that has really challenged my belief on certain things. that's why i decided to do a research on this topic, and i'd be writing a lot about it.
What is love?
Everyone has their definition for it, but what are the definitions based on? Due to a lot of romantic novels, movies and music etc that we might have read, listened to or seen in the past, we tend to identify love as a feeling (probably the way you feel when you are with a person, some sort of current passes through you when he touches you...)
Enough of that, I've also heard that love is a choice. Meaning that when you don't feel like loving someone, you choose to love the person.
This STILL doesn't define love.
Love is God and God is Love. Now this really sounds vague as most of us don't even know the characteristics of God.
Up from God's relationship with Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israel, the apostles and me, I've come to these few conclusions which I'm learning to apply in my life as the meaning of love
  • love disciplines you when you go wrong, but doesn't leave you to keep feeling bad
  • love doesn't hold on to mistakes made by the other party/person
  • love cares about 'tiny' things that bother the other party/person
  • love does not ask or think 'what about me?'
  • love strives to bring out the best in the other party/person
  • love never gives up
  • love does not condemn
I can go on and on... but i'd stop here for now. And do me a favor, 'show some love today'

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  1. I love the "love never gives up" part.. Matter of fact..every part of the conclusions you highlighted from God's relationship with His creation is worth taking note off..Issue just is.. we rarely see it at display.. Keep at it gal!