Tuesday, August 10, 2010

my thots

i realize that way back in uni, i had some friends i totally clicked with some, how i kept 'struggling' to click with some and how i just didn't bother about some.
i remember that i always wanted to treat people the way they treated me. If she pays me a visit, I'd most definitely retaliate. If I realize that i seem to love her more than she loves me, i reduce my love.
The truth be told, we all want to be treated nicely. We all want to be loved more than we love. I mean, we love making 'withdrawals' but not making 'deposits'. I've heard people say that it's good to love without expecting anything in return (that's the God kinda love), really?????????
Yep, God doesn't expect anything in return (or does He?).... Let's think it through...
He does things for us, but I believe that His intention is clear. But HE DOES expect us to love Him in return, though it isn't the sole reason for His action. Ultimately,we are not forced into loving Him in return...
I think it sounds better that way. Similarly, it would be totally unfair to place unnecessary yokes on other people, expecting them to love us as much as we love them... but we love them anyway.
Well, in conclusion, love others without hindrance... If you find that person that you totally click with (you love and she loves you with the same intensity), hold on to that person...
Life is beautiful and Friends make it worth it.

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