Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what will you choose?

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I went bowling recently with my husband's friends and their wives(it was a 'couple thing'). Prior to the decision to bowl, I received an sms saying that i should come in a sports outfit... Wow, i didn't have! And I wasn't ready to buy any.
Well, my husband went out that morning and got me a nice lacoste polo dress(quite romantic ain't it?). I tried it on, and it was some inches above my knee... If you know me pretty well, you'd know that I rarely wear dresses or skirts. I'm very comfortable in my pair of jeans. I just didn't feel comfortable in the dress.
As I bent to throw the bowling ball, I thought to myself, 'Oh my God! I'm advertising my private things to the whole world'! Lol!
Sincerely, the dress wasn't bad... I just felt uncomfortable in it.
It made me think about the narrow gate and the wide gate that was written in Matthew 7. Now what about that???
It says that the road to eternity is narrow and a few people find it. When driving on a narrow road, you don't have many options. You have to drive as close to the kerb as possible to avoid obstructing the opposing traffic. But on a wider lane, there are several manoeuvres you can perform without obstructing traffic.
Similarly, there are several things you just might not be able to indulge in, just so you can make eternity.
All those 'grey areas'... why not avoid them altogether?
Now, the reason why these thoughts kept haunting me was because I had started thinking , 'Well, there's nothing wrong with wearing short skirts or dresses...' (but the first time I indulged in a dress slightly above my knee, I felt like I was doing something wrong (religion??)). There are several grey areas, e.g. 'there's nothing wrong with kissing my boy/girlfriend' (I mean, God placed these feelings in us); 'there's nothing wrong in premarital sex' (how would we know if we are compatible) etc. The list is endless.
As for me, I choose the narrow gate/way... I'd rather not indulge in the 'grey areas' than find out in the end that I actually missed it.
What about you? What will you choose???


  1. Okey dokey..Insightful piece...I'm so feeling your point of view, matter of fact, there are days when i've asked the question..wats stopping me from certain actions... conscience/religion/core values?..
    Well, that would lead to the question of what was the basis i.e foundation for the formation of my conscience/core values..are they products of religion/environment? So what happens when the environment changes??? What are the absolutes?
    When does a lie become " a clever and diplomatic response"..When do we cross the boundaries of too much wine than can be perceived to be godly??? What exactly is revelry and what is fun?? Lots of grey gray areas..
    One thing I'll say though..be true to who you are..the "truth(s)" you know and the God you serve..I think that just alludes to your narrow versus wide road scenario..your liberty to explore and maneuver is dependent on the size of your road - (the amount of truth you know)...abi??

  2. Lol! It beats me that lying these days is called 'being diplomatic'... And yes, the liberty to explore depends on the amount of 'truth' we know and also, at times, on how much we've ignored the 'biting conscience'. Thanks dear... you've given me more to reflect on... which i like by the way...