Monday, February 28, 2011

who do you look at?

Well, I decided not to write until I've finally weaned my baby off breast milk. No one was born a mother, you daily learn how to handle situations that come with having an extra person that depends on you (note that I said an extra person...).
Well, I had always wondered how I was going to wean her because my heart always breaks anytime she cries! I had considered 'dumping' her with my parents when I get to Nigeria, and leaving the responsibility of weaning to them.
I also secretly wondered why my husband was not helping me, seeing that I was drowning in this breastfeeding business (But I never asked in all fairness to him).
My mum called me, gave me an inspirational talk on how God's strength is on my inside and that I should just take a stand and wean her. She further explained that the baby would cry, but I should just take a stand.
Well, on the faithful friday night, I moved out of my room (so that my husband can have his good night rest) and I let Dara cry it out. Oh my! I kept reciting to myself, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Truthfully, I wept with her, but after about 3 agonizing hours, she fell asleep and slept all through the night (for the very first time).
It dawned on me that i had looked to others as my 'source' of help, and in fact, I had hard feelings because they didn't offer any form of help! The strength to do all things had been imbibed in me by God, all I needed was to draw on it. Yep, it was not easy, because, I wasn't even aware that I had that strength.
In trying times, who do you look at?
I know that at times we expect God to use people to help us, but I've come to realise that God does not follow our thought patterns at all. He has His own plan and He'd accomplish it His way, not our way.
Meditating on some parts of the new testament, the pharisees didn't believe Jesus was the messiah they expected because they expected that the messiah would overthrow the then current king Herod. And, the way they expected their 'help' to come was not fulfilled, so, He definitely isn't the help!
Sounds funny, but most of us are that way these days. We dictate to God the way and method we want Him to play His part in our lives.
But God wants us to sit back and let Him take the wheels of our lives and the challenges we face.
In all situations and circumstances, look to Him who has the key, the power, the ability, the all to sort things out and amaze you beyond your expectations.
Do have a wonderful month ahead!
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  1. got me teary eyed! God is our very present help.He sustains us with His love and also helps us to love others even when they least deserve it.makes me wanna scream/react sometimes but when I remember His sacrifice for me despite my sinfulness,forgiveness gets easier

  2. Anonymous, awww, thanks dear! i appreciate the time you've put in my blog!