Thursday, March 31, 2011

what women want... from their men

I have heard people say 'women don't know what they want, but they know what they don't want'. I beg to differ. Most ladies know what they want, but would probably keep it to themselves for several reasons. We are not confused beings, we know what we want from our men!

First of all, I'm quite tired of listening to one-sided marriage messages which tells wives to do so and so. Now, I'm giving my one-sided message.

A woman is a reflector. She reflects what she's shown. If a man can understand one basic thing; Paul's letter in the Bible FIRST admonishes men to LOVE their wives, then wives submit to your husbands. Men have the 'action' role, whilst women, 'reaction'. This does not imply that the women should not take the lead at times; but like I said, this is my one-sided message! Lol! Okay, how can men show love? I'm not ready to talk about love languages because I think every woman will want the basic things I'll list. We want our men to do the 'chasing'. Hey, show us you love us by saying it constantly, communicating constantly via calls, sms, emails, facebook, blackberry... Please the list of communication features is endless.

We want our men to treat us like we are important and no one else matters. Listen to us and ease our fears. Don't treat our 'vision' like it is of no value or importance; or that it is not as important as yours! Also, share your vision with us. Tell us where you plan to be in the future and our 'place' in that vision.

We want our men to be able to sight us amidst the crowd and tell us how much we stand out and why he really loves us. Shower us with attention amidst others and make us feel loved and 'wanted'.

We want our men to constantly tell us they love us; and also SHOW it. Love is not only in saying, but is in action. In every single way you can show love, show it.

We want our men to be the spiritual heads of the relationship and the home. It's not like we are dormant christians, but we need you to take the lead!

For ladies, showing love is easy. We can give our lives for the man who loves us. Like a Robert Kelly's song says; 'when a woman loves, she loves for real'. We go out of our way to please the men in our lives. But if we realise that we are virtually making the efforts and our men are sitting down and 'enjoying the view', we tend to grow weary. It's only the GOD in us, and the conviction we have that keeps us going.

We deserve to be loved and shown love. So for all men out there, please learn to show love.


  1. On point!!! This is exactly what every young man should know.We want to be loved not told we are loved.Afterall our parents scooped overflowing chunks of love all through our lives.No comparison but we really know the difference between being loved and being told we are loved.Jesus displayed his love by giving his life even before we loved him in return.That is how you are called to love:Like Christ loved the Church and watch us SUBMIT wholeheartedly.wink*wink lol!

  2. Anonymous, I KNOW of a truth that if a man trully shows his love towards his 'babe' or 'wife', submission on her part would not be an issue! Thanks so much for dropping by and takin time to read every single writeup i have here!