Monday, May 2, 2011

Dawn is here...

Woke up this morning so happy and thankful for lots of things. Firstly, that the 'night' time was over.
It isn't like my situation had changed, or the challenges I had been facing were over, but I had this shocking realization... Night time does not last for a lifetime! Dawn is here! Dawn has come.
If you have been putting a lot of your energy into a 'project' and the results you are getting are not proportional to the energy dispersed in a good way, do not fear! Dawn is here!
If you've been bombarded by lots of health challenges, and you keep holding out in faith and it seems not to be working, my dear, it is, hold your breath; Dawn is here!
If you've been looking up to God for your finances, and everything just seems so tight, hey, Dawn is here!
If you've been trying to mend broken bridges in your life and it just seems like the grounds keep failing beneath you; Dawn is here!
If you've been 'sowing' and you don't seem to be reaping, do not faint, God knows there's a likelihood you'd want to give up, but He said, in due season you'd reap, your due season has arrived! Hallelujah! Dawn is here!
If you've been looking for that friend who'd understand you, and be there for you, God says I am more than sufficient for you, Look up to me, Dawn is here!
If you've been seeking for approvals and all you keep getting is disapproval, Ah ha! God says, it's my validation that matters. When I approve, no man can disapprove, look to me, Dawn is here.
If you've been holding out to God in faith, believing He'd come through for you, God says, Baby, I am never late, I am molding you, to be that perfect person for me, Look to me, Dawn is here!
Whatever the challenge is, Dawn is here.
I don't know about you, but I'm getting up, and preparing myself for the morning time, the day time! Yes, I have to be ready! I have to stop focusing on the darkness, and look with glee at the rising sun in my life!
I need to get prepared for the day time; I can't have the same 'notion' or attitude as I had during the night time.
This, I've dedicated to all my friends going through tough times now, dawn is here, get ready for the light, lest it takes you unprepared!


  1. "God says, Baby, I am never late, I am molding you, to be that perfect person for me, Look to me, Dawn is here!". Just hit me that i am still God's baby!.....very inspiring!

  2. Wow..though the weeping may last for the comes in the morning.. yet we carry over our tears and start our mornings with them...Thanks for shining the light on this subtle oversight, the knowledge of which is viable to cause a massive and radical change in our joy levels!

  3. thanks for the comment anonymous!

  4. ty, trully, we carry our tears and the notions we had during the night time into the morning. Thanks for dropping by and the comment dear

  5. The truth is we really can choose. Will we allow d presence/absence, favor/disfavor or wateva of some1 else hold us hostage. No! With God u can create ur world u r no longer waitin 4 som1 2make u happy,u bcom a joy-source 2 odas instead. NICE PIECE Mam,GOD BLESS U

  6. Tk4, thanks for the contribution dear! Amen and God bless u too