Friday, July 15, 2011

some appreciation

i lost a very close friend about a couple of months back and a lot of things just dawned on me. why is it that it is when we loose people, that is when we appreciate them? that is when we say wonderful things about them, say how they influenced us positively, how they gave us a push in the right direction etc. if they could read all those words from beyond the grave... maybe they can... i can't tell, i've never been there.
But essentially, it is important to appreciate the people in our lives. don't belittle anyone. always learn to see the good aspects of others and tell them. I guess the human nature hates being rejected and being taken for a ride. the human nature prefers receiving rather than giving and pouring ourselves out.
What if I tell him how much he means to me and he makes jest of me? What if he just says 'thank you'? Or like my husband, respond by saying 'waow! that's great'... You know those comments that make you feel foolish and make you feel like just clamming up and not pouring out the real way you feel about someone.
Most of the time, we tend not to appreciate the tiny things in others that we see. Some of us are so judgmental that we only see the negative aspects of others. And you know the amazing thing about picking out the negative aspects of others? We tend to become what we constantly focus on. In essence, if we constantly focus on another person's weakness, don't be surprised if you start manifesting that same weakness. Because you have fed so much on it and you are gradually blending and conforming to it. I remember looking and a friend of mine and detesting the fact that she was very blunt... amazingly, I started passing blunt and painful comments about others in a short while.
Life is short. A good friend of mine said, 'focus on the positive aspects of life and do not waste time mourning over the negative aspects'. Learn to appreciate the positive things about the people around you and say it! Have a great day!

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